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Build your app, make Briq the best it can be

Briq is an open ecosystem: build your own apps based on our open API and create the best way to motivate and reward your team

How to create an app?

Briq uses an Open API to allow you to make Briq fit your exact needs. The app creation interface is accessible by logging into your Briq account.

Create your own app

Step 1Create a Briq account or log in

Step 2Get your API Key from your admin settings

Step 3Build your apps based on our API methods

Step 4Submit your app

API reference

Briq API Methods (detailed documentation can be found here)



Get an organization



List the users of an organization



List the transactions of an organization



Create a transaction in the organization



Get the details of a transaction



Delete a transaction and reverts its effects

Submitting your app to the Briq directory

By default, your app will only be visible to the members of your team. If you want your app to be featured in our app directory and to share it with the Briq community, submit it by reaching out to us.

Submit your app

Reach out to get featured


Idea board

To get your ideas flowing and your inspiration growing, we've published the Briq team's Trello board where we list new app ideas. It is kept up in real-time and only includes ideas that haven't been worked on yet!

See the board

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