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Empower meaningful recognition with Briq

Hard work calls for recognition. Recognition calls for more hard work.
Find out how Briq empowers real, measurable recognition.

Boost your team with recognition

Teams with a recognition-rich culture see lower turnover and greater productivity. Briq is a simple, adaptable solution to develop recognition into your company culture and motivate your employees to be the best they can be.

Happiness = productivity

Happy employees are 12% more productive at work. That's equivalent to an extra hour each day.

With Briq


Less voluntary turn-over rate in companies with an effective recognition program.

Make recognition
peer to peer

Unlike top-down recognition, peer-to-peer recognition is sincere. Briq facilitates real, meaningful recognition by giving employees a go-to solution to spread recognition between each other.

No wayto recognize

The #1 reason employees don't give recognition is that there is no way to do so

With Briq


of Briq exchanges occur between peers.

Make recognition

Daily recognition means more to employees than annual recognition plans. Briq integrates directly into your chat app to weave together hard work with positive feedback.

1per year

70% of employees are recognized once a year

With Briq

10 per week

Recognitions per week on average

Make recognition

Public recognition is perceived as being more meaningful by employees, unlike private recognition which is often felt to be nepotistic. All exchanges on Briq are public and are accessible by all team members.

One out of two

employees is unaware of recognition programs in their company

With Briq


of interactions on Briq are public

Make recognition
align with your business

Recognizing people for certain types of behavior allows companies to create a culture of "doing the right thing at the right time." Briq lets you install apps that align with the actions that matter most to your business.


of companies base recognition only on seniority

With Briq


customizable with our open API