Encourage your teams to empower one another by sharing their perception of their deeds.

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Why Feedbaq?

Alone we might go faster, but together we go much further. We truly believe that your teammates are the best persons to empower you at work. They're the ones who attend to your presentations, who brainstorm or cooperate with you on a daily basis. Their points of view and the feelings they get working with you can really help you get better & better on what you value the most... and yours can help them too. We developed Feedbaq to enable you to share more feedback in a casual way.


of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated.

How it works

After initiating teams to positive micro-feedback through Give and Praise features, Briq invites you to go further, asking for or directly giving more constructive feedback to your teammates. While doing so, Briq, through our Feedbaq feature, guides you towards the best way to give a constructive feedback.


of employees are actively engaged if they receive at least one feedback a week

•  You can ask for feedbaq to your teammates, specifying the topic they would like to explore
•  While giving feedbaq (whether it is solicited or not), you are guided to formulate your insights in a positive way to make it easy to receive
•  After giving feedbaq, you are rewarded with a briq to encourage you to keep empowering your teammates
•  You get some insights to see how useful and relevant your feedbaq are for the teammates you helped

For Team Leaders

• A positive way to empower your team
• An easy way to drive your team to the next level
• A nice way to promote self-development and quest for constant improvement

For HR Partners

• A nice way to introduce a feedback culture
• A simple way to train teams to give good feedback
• A subtle way to give confidence to the teams, showing their perceptions matter

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