Show your teams their actions matter by rewarding their extra-miles achievements.

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Why Mission?

Today, companies are more and more demanding: they expect their employees to go beyond their job descriptions (becoming their ambassadors, contributing to different side projects...). Mission is a nice way to clarify what exactly is valued by your company and to recompense teams for going the extra-miles.


of employees say they work harder and go the extra-miles if appreciated

How it works

Thanks to Mission, all the actions which matter to your company can be listed and highlighted, and you can see that every contribution does have a big impact... and doesn't go unnoticed.


of general managers think the best ambassadors for their company are their employees

•  Team Leaders and HR Partner can list the extra-mile missions they would like to reward
•  Reminders can be set up (or not) to be posted on Slack or your Briq App
•  Team members can claim these missions (for themselves or their teammates)
•  Once the mission is validated, the achievers receive briqs to reward their engagement

For Team Leaders

• A nice way to kindly remind the actions which matter in your teams
• A simple way to promote peer support
• An original way to reward efforts and engagement

For HR Partners

• An original way to involve teams in HR topics (employer brand, referrals...)
• A simple way to homogenise rewards programs across teams
• A seamless way to monitor the extra-miles actions

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