Listen to your teams and collect feedback by sending (anonymous) surveys.

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Why Pulse?

At Briq, we believe the most precious asset of a company is its employees. This means your company needs to take care of you. And to do so, the first priority is to listen to you. Pulse has been developed to enable you to share your point of view, your feelings and suggestions to improve your experience as an employee.


of employees suffered a hostile behaviour at work in the past 12 months

How it works

Any Team Leader or HR Partner can launch a Pulse campaign to gather your insights. When doing so, you're invited directly through your communication platform to honestly share your thoughts - for which you're thanked with a few briqs. Global trends can then easily by accessed to see where you're standing.


of employees say they have to do things they disapprove at work

•  Any Team Leader or HR Partner can create Pulse surveys and choose how often they want to (automatically) send them
•  After answering a Pulse survey, teams are rewarded with briqs and can see if their teammates feel the same way
•  Team Leader and HR Partner can easily answer each comment & insight and start anonymous conversations with teammates
•  Global trends can be easily shared to teams, either by letting them public or generating a pdf to show their opinions are taken into account for real

For Team Leaders

• A nice way to stay connected to your teams
• A smooth way to detect conflicts at work
• An great way to gather feedback on your management

For HR Partners

• A nice way to gather qualitative insights about your company's health
• A simple way to make sure no team is at risk
• An easy way to detect the teams and leaders you might help

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