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How Briq works

Briq lets your teammates spread recognition directly in Slack.
Install Briq in minutes and take your team to the next level.

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Easy setup

Install Briq to your team's Slack in minutes


Start by adding the
 Briq app to Slack


Invite who you want: the entire company or just your team


Start spreading
 recognition in your team

Start spreading recognition in your team or see how they made Briq meet their objectives

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Open access

We've made recognition public

Installing Briq on your team's Slack automatically creates a new channel which lists all exchanges made by your team.

Powerful customizations

With Briq, you can add apps to drive recognition on actions that matter for your business.

Step 1 Pick your app

Step 2 Click Install

Step 3 Each new app enables new commands to make briq even better

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