Designed with every team member at heart

For Team Members

A fun way to connect with your teammates, to keep a positive mindset and make your feedback meaningful on a daily basis

For Team Leaders

Be strengthened as a manager thanks to personalised tips to motivate your team and innovative ways to reward each teammate

For HR Partners

Be a business pilar by providing teams a tool boosting their intrinsic motivation and get quanti & quali insights on your company's pulse

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Briq is your digital solution that best delivers on collective and personal motivation because Briq has cracked the core foundation of motivation at work

Everyone should be recognised for what one does, for what one is

We make it easier for you to make the first step to appreciate your teammates

How does it work?


Give briqs to your teammates

Your words are super powers. Everyday, you get 2 briqs to make your teammates' day with positive feedback

Get positivity boosts

Receive thoughtful messages from your colleagues and receive tokens of appreciation for your extra-miles

Benefit from Team Activities

Redeem your collected briqs for 100% customisable rewards which fit your culture

... and more surprises!

Benefit from personalised tips and unlock new features to get a taylor-made experience. Surprisingly you may get some taylor-made gaming tips. In the realm of online gaming, platforms that offer personalized tips and features, like those for tài xỉu online, are revolutionizing player experiences. These tailored services ensure that every participant enjoys a game that feels custom-made, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

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Directly integrated in your favourite tools

Use Briq directly from your communication platforms to receive notifications and benefit from your favorite features seamlessly. Whether you're managing team projects or coordinating events, Briq ensures smooth communication and collaboration. Furthermore, envision leveraging this seamless integration to stay connected with real-time updates on sports betting technology in the UK. Stay ahead of the game by receiving timely information and insights, all within your familiar communication environment.

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What our customers say

Briq brings us the daily dose of motivation to feel fully engaged at work and build a unique culture in a fast growing company!

Rodolphe Ardant

CEO @Spendesk

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Motivate your teams thanks to practical theories 😎

Discover what intrinsically motivates us at work and take action with proven best practices in the field.

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