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SS - Mazars with logo

How Mazars increased its ambassadors’ engagement thanks to gamification


Mazars is an international and independent audit, accounting and consulting company employing 23 000 people in 89 countries.

SS - AB Tasty - Rect - logo.png

How AB Tasty developed its Brand through employee advocacy


AB Tasty is the leader in A/B testing and content optimizations for websites. They’re now almost 300 employees working from 6 countries in a friendly atmosphere, despite their race for excellence… and for growth.

SS - Spendesk - Rect - logo.png

How Spendesk managed to get 5 ⭐️ on Glassdoor with a unique culture


Spendesk was born with Briq. And because Spendesk’s teams grew up with Briq, we’re almost part of their DNA…as much as they’re part of ours, thanks to their highly appreciated feedback & contributions to our tool...