"We use the Share app everyday to boost our social media communications. Thanking our employees for being ambassadors has never been easier!"

Arnaud De Medeiros, COO @ AB Tasty

Company name
AB Tasty
Number of employees
Near 300
Start using Briq
Number of briqs given
308 867


AB Tasty is the leader in A/B testing and content optimizations for websites. They’re now almost 300 employees working from 6 countries in a friendly atmosphere, despite their race for excellence… and for growth.

AB Tasty is also one of Briq’s historic customer. And we are very proud of it. Because AB Tasty is one of the most successful French SaaS startup. But all the more so since they are amazing power users, always suggesting new use cases.

AB Tasty were aware that their success relied on their people, and wanted to make sure they would keep the spirit that drove them that far.


Let’s face it: when AB Tasty started to use Briq, they didn’t have any issues engaging and aligning their employees on their mission. At that time, they were around 100 and had brilliantly managed to keep a strong team spirit.

However, they were - and still are - facing hypergrowth. And that meant 3 things:

  • Being able to attract and retain talents (more than 50+ hires a year!)
  • Being able to scale their careness spirit and transmit it easily to newbees
  • Being able to keep their hunger for challenges and ambitious goals

They were aware that their success relied on their people, and wanted to make sure they would keep the spirit that drove them that far.


That’s why they gave us a shot: Briq was an easy way to encourage their teams to share positive feedback and homogenize their culture, beyond offices and countries. At first.

As expected, Briq soon became viral: 80% of their employees give at least one briq a week. But as the product evolved, its impact soon outreached the culture scope.

Briq became a tool also used by the operational teams to value the extra-miles that mattered to their fields.

5x more articles have been shared, and they got more than 60+ referrals this year

The first use case we developed with them aimed at developing their employer brand. They installed Share to enable HR/Marketing teams to invite employees to share content on their LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook accounts - directly from Slack (or our Web App).

And it worked! Thanks to Share, 5x more articles have been shared*, and they got more than 60+ referrals this year, directly coming from their teams.


And there are quite a few new use cases we’re exploring with them as we want to be the 360° engagement tool, loved by employees and with real ROI for companies. We’re becoming the little glue that connects all their tools and processes to make sure engagement never goes unrewarded.


To be continued… stay tuned :D


*number of content shared per employee 2017 vs 2018