Encourage more team activities and initiatives through a 100% customised catalogue of rewards.

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Why Bootiq?

If we believe that tech can make the difference to scale a great culture, we also think it's important to keep a great balance between digital and physical interactions. Bootiq was built to encourage team activities and collective projects which fit with your culture... to your (and your teammates') delight.


of employees working in companies with rewards programs feel that their work makes a difference

How it works

The core of our product relies on briqs, small tokens of appreciation teammates can give and receive from their colleagues (through Give and Praise) or directly from the company itself (through Mission, Feedbaq or Pulse). Once earned, these briqs can be redeemed in a Bootiq store to unlock experiences reflecting your culture.


increase in employee performance through incentive programs.

•  When installing Briq, it's up to you to define the Bootiq which suits your company's culture: we only provide you with a suggestions' list to guide you
•  The members of your organisation can access this Bootiq and pick the experience they want to unlock
•  Once the Bootiq handler validates the order, the lucky beneficiary receives the instructions to benefit from the latter
•  The Bootiq handler can define and follow the evolution of the budget for the rewards

For Team Leaders

• A collaborative way to choose and organise your team activities
• An original way to reward your teams
• A nice way to encourage team spirit

For HR Partners

• A beautiful way to show your company's culture
• A nice way to promote strong bounds between teammates
• A subtle way to retain talents thanks to a friendly environment and a perk program

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