Boost appreciation and positivity among your teams through words of affirmation.

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Why Give?

At Briq, we think your words are super-powers. We truly believe kind words can totally make your teammates' day.... and contribute to having the most motivating working environment.


of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated.

How it works

Give encourages every team member to give positive feedback more often. Because it's super simple and funny to use, Give helps teams connect with one another and spread positivity without effort.


of employees don't feel they get the recognition they deserve for their work.

•  Everyday, each teammate gets 2 briqs to give to their teammates
•  To give a briq to a teammate, you need to write a micro-feedback and can associate it with a company's value
•  When you receive a briq, you're invited to react to it to thank your grateful teammate
•  Sending briqs allow you to unlock new features to discover the power of appreciation

For Team Leaders

• A fun way to involve team members in peer recognition
• An original way to reinforce a nice working atmosphere
• A nice way to remain approachable to any team member

For HR Partners

• An inspiring way to create awareness about the importance of peer recognition
• A subtle way to promote your company's culture and values
• An inventive way to reduce silos between teams

The story behind Give

Give was born in the startup studio eFounders from the desire to create a strong and common culture, despite having teams working on totally independent projects and from different locations.

From the very beginning, Give has been thought to be as seamless as possible, to make it fun to connect with one another and make the teams sparkle.

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