Celebrate achievements and key moments collectively by praising your teammates publicly.

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Why Praise?

Sometimes, we feel like "thanks" or "congrats" are not enough to express our gratitude. There are moments we want to highlight and celebrate collectively as we know they're founding for our teams. Praise is the way to do it easily, no matter how sparse or remote your teams are.


of employees think that managers should recognize good work

How it works

Praise is the best way to celebrate small (and bigger!!) victories as a team, by inviting anyone from your organisation to participate to important celebrations (Work Anniversaries, Birthdays...). Because Praises are visible and extremely easy to take part in, they create a lot of emulation in teams.


said that public recognition motivates them to improve their performance

•  You can launch a Praise in any team (or Slack channel)
•  When doing so, a small card is posted and your teams are invited to take part in the celebration
•  Anyone can participate in the Praise: one click is all it takes to show appreciation
•  Your lucky (praised) teammates receive plenty of tokens of appreciation and can thank their teammates easily

For Team Leaders

• An original way to give more visibility to victories
• A nice way to promote top performers without loosing a team spirit
• An easy way to create emulation in the team

For HR Partners

• A positive way to share and celebrate important events across the teams
• A subtle way to spread positivity among the teams
• A nice way to reinforce links and exchanges between teams

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