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About Briq

Briq is on a mission: to enable your team to achieve great things.
It all starts with peer recognition.

How it started

Briq first started in 2015, in the eFounders startup studio. Because eFounders is host to multiple teams all working on different projects, finding a way to increase collaboration and facilitate recognition was essential.

The first version of Briq was launched on eFounders' Slack channel, and rapidly became one of the pillars of company culture in the startup studio. And, with many other companies asking to use Briq, a team was put together to share its benefits far and wide


Briq starts as an internal project at eFounders.

Lot of work to build an amazing product 🚀🔨✨


We’re launching
 Briq to the public

The founding principle of Briq

To make recognition work the way it should, we built Briq on 4 core principles


Briq is Transparent

Recognition works best when it's public because it is perceived as more geniune. That's why Briq always allows all team members to see what is going on.


Briq is Adaptable

Recognition needs to be adapted to your team, your company culture and your business because no two teams work the same. That's why Briq allows you to setup or create apps that let you choose how to motivate your team.


Briq is Instantaneous

Recognition is best when its daily because it offers an immediate positive response to hard work. That's why Briq integrates to your chat app, making saying thanks as simple as asking for someone's attention on a problem.


Briq is Spontaneous

Recognition is best when it is natural because it affects anything that brightens your team's day. That's why Briq lets your team decide what they recognize - a job well done, a favor, a joke - so that giving recognition is always sincere.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Briq believes in spreading recognition. Because recognition increases team happiness and employee productivity up to 12%.

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