How it works

Briq is your company's virtual credit system to encourage, reward and measure engagement

Promote recognition and feedback

Everyday, teammates can give each other briqs for actions falling within your company culture. These recognition and appreciation gestures are associated with feedback and linked to your values. They can be both private or public for bigger team celebrations.

Reward the extra-mile

Recognize and reward engaged employees who go the extra-mile by achieving specific missions. These missions are defined by managers to fit your current challenges and ensure alignment on what matters to your company.

Empower your employees

Give your employees the means to grow and express themselves. Our analytics will provide them with a clear view of what they are good at and where they can improve to keep evolving within your company. By answering anonymous surveys, they will also get the opportunity to give their opinion.

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Reward employees according to your company values

Create your own Bootiq where employees can redeem the briqs received from their teammates and from the company.

Customize it to make it a real showcase of your culture by adding monetary or non-monetary rewards, collective or individual items, depending on your values and policies.

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Keep it simple, no need to install another software.

Briq works with your favorite tool

You can integrate Briq into SlackYou can use Briq from your browserInstall Briq directly in Outlook

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