"Briq brings us the daily dose of motivation to feel fully engaged at work and build a unique culture in a fast growing company!"

Rodolphe Ardant, CEO @ Spendesk

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Spendesk was born with Briq. And because Spendesk’s teams grew up with Briq, we’re almost part of their DNA…as much as they’re part of ours, thanks to their highly appreciated feedback & contributions to our tool...

But let us introduce Spendesk for what they are! Spendesk is a smart expense cards system and a rock star in the FinTech environment. They’re now nearly 200 employees with a common ambition: solve the expense management nightmare and become a French unicorn.

With great ambition comes huge people challenges: Spendesk keeps recruiting...a lot!


With great ambition comes huge people challenges: Spendesk keeps recruiting...a lot! They tripled in size in 6 months, making their talent management strategy central while becoming a real scale-up.


That’s why Briq has become essential, and their only tool to:

  • Develop their employer brand while trying to attract talents
  • Offer employees great perks and let them customize their work environment
  • Make their employee experience unique

While of course making sure their culture and standards of excellence remain as strong as they’ve always been.


And as for now, they’re living up to their high expectations…and we’re happy to contribute to it! Spendesk is a great example of a scaling company which has managed to keep employees engaged as its current 5 ⭐️ on Glassdor can certify it.


When digging into these 5 stars, Briq has helped Spendesk build a culture of transparency and trust regarding the extra-miles: teams know they’re rewarded for sharing content about the company, referring candidates or just contributing to the general team spirit.


In fact, Spendesk has built one of the most original and generous BOOTIQ, with collective perks enabling anyone suggest a team event, or buy new furniture or decoration for the office for instance.


And as they keep growing, we’ll make sure they don’t lose this great spirit.

We want to be the 360° engagement tool, loved by employees and with real ROI for companies. We’re becoming the little glue that connects all their tools and processes to make sure engagement never goes unrewarded.


To be continued… stay tuned :D