Drive team engagement with employee recognition

Turn your company's feedback-rich culture into your competitive advantage

The hard truth


of employees are not actively engaged


of employees are more motivated when feeling appreciated


of employees don't feel recognized at work

At Briq, we are convinced that peer-to-peer recognition fosters employee engagement, reduces attrition and ultimately increases performance.

Employee feedback

Briq creates an inclusive team environment encouraging team mates to be helpful and collaborative. It starts with a powerful feedback tool that has been designed according to state-of-the-art rules.

Peer recognition

Briq makes recognition frequent, public, and meaningful. Spread recognition and collaboration to strengthen connections across the company, boost morale, increase productivity, and lower turnover.

Reward engagement

Feeling more acknowledged for who they are and what they achieve, employees will be more involved in day to day activities. Create missions in order to foster extra-miles attitude and reward employees according to their level of engagement.

Strengthen performance

According to the business rules you designed, measure the impact of recognition on specific business metrics. Thanks to our powerful people analytics, track the impact of Briq on culture alignement, team communication and peer recognition.


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